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My name is M. D. Entwistle. I'm a researcher, author and the founder of Mountainmere. Established in 2004, Mountainmere is an independent publisher that specialises in literature about the English Lake District.

I am passionate about publishing books that capture the essence of this beautiful region and its people, which are created by authors who have a deep understanding of the area and its history. Committed to publishing original and often unconventional works, my books are thought-provoking, inspiring, informative and entertaining.

I believe that every book has a story to tell. On these pages the back backstories to my books are brought to life and shared with the world. This is because good publishing relies on accessibility, participation; and the inclusion, direct engagement and judgement of readers. So make yourself at home, browse my titles, immerse yourself in multimedia, discover more about me and the history behind my work, and feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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A Search for Romance & Freedom

Millican Dalton's eccentric existence during the first half of the 20th century is often mistaken as a grand parody. However, he really did exist and his amazing life as the modern-day Caveman of Borrowdale and self-styled Professor of Adventure is well chronicled in this firmly established biography. A man ahead of his time, he created huge social change from his position on the fringe of society.

The Struggles of George Smith

George Smith only sought a life of solitude amongst the beauties of Nature...but the authorities had different ideas. Eventually settling in the Lake District he earned the soubriquet of Skiddaw Hermit. His wild antics and unique personage made him a terror to the district—despite this he was not a truculent character—he suffered from mental health issues for which he became cruelly persecuted.

Scratch & Co.
The Great Cat Expedition

Molly Lefebure's iconic Scratch & Co.,
illustrated by A. Wainwright, is a witty send-up of a mountaineering book—complete with 'Alpine Club' type characters, hair-breadth rescues, dangerous gambles, and all the tensions and pompous tones of a Himalayan expedition. Join Scratch & Co. on their epic assault on the H.K.P.—an undisguised Scafell Pike. Suitable for readers from eight to eighty.

About M. D. Entwistle

After being introduced to the high peaks of the English Lake District at the age of 11, M. D. Entwistle has been a regular amongst its mountains and lakes ever since. There he developed his love affair with outdoor adventure and he now spends his spare time seeking expeditions with a difference. He is a regular wild camper, mountain biker, skier, canoeist, and ghyll scrambler and has taken his passion far and wide, from the thermal springs of Iceland to the dense man fern glades in the South West Wilderness of Tasmania.

In addition to writing Entwistle has appeared on radio and TV talking about his specialist subject Millican Dalton—being featured on Lakeland Radio, BBC Radio Cumbria, ITV2's The Lakes (Series 2) with Rory McGrath, BBC1's Countryfile,  BBC1's The Lakes with Paul Rose and BBC Video Nation.

On the subject of Millican Dalton, Entwistle's biography hit a chord with many like-minded individuals who related to Dalton's ideals and upon reading his book—a couple from Keswick created a global luggage brand, musicians waxed lyrically, and an actor produced a one-man play.

Following on from the publication of his first book in 2004, he was invited to deliver a keynote lecture to 200 people, including Sir Chris Bonnington, at the 18th International Festival of Mountaineering Literature; and to lecture at the 2005 Kendal Mountain Festival where he was in conversation with Terry Gifford. At the other end of the scale, Entwistle has also lectured for local museums and regional mountaineering clubs.  

If you were to ask him what his biggest claim to fame was, he would say his 2006 book launch of Scratch & Co: The Great Cat Expedition (Molly Lefebure and Alfred Wainwright) on the summit of Scafell Pike which took the credential of England's Highest Book Launch—an unsurpassable event—complete with a cheese board and wine selection, which left inadvertent attendees speechless.

2021 brought with it the publication of Entwistle's second book, Skiddaw Hermit: The Struggles of George Smith, which he managed to pen in just twelve months. Ironically, this book had been written during the covid lockdowns when Entwistle said "I felt like I was living the life of an eremite, which was quite convenient as it put me in the right mindset." Fast forward a year to 2022, and the publication of the second edition of Millican Dalton: A Search for Romance & Freedom signalled the product of 22 years work with a significantly enlarged book.

Entwistle takes his research, writing and publishing seriously. "What started out as a hobby quickly developed into a lifestyle choice, and I formulated my vision for Mountainmere. My aim was to develop into a publisher with a personal touch; an imprint with a face; a human identity that is easily contactable." A legacy of books deposited in the British Library and the feedback from his readers provides the ultimate reward.

He is currently creating a series of travel guides and finalising the biography of another Lakeland legend, all of which will be released in due course.

Watch this space...

Blog: My Literary Odyssey

I've had an amazing experience researching, writing and publishing over the past couple of decades. When I started out on my journey I never thought that it would turn into a literary odyssey; one where I would meet so many fabulous people, be invited onto the lecture circuit, or even be asked to appear on TV and radio.

If you're looking for inspiration or would like to learn the history behind my work, why not visit my blog to see what I've been up to. There's a plethora of information regarding Millican Dalton, the Skiddaw Hermit and Scratch & Co. If you follow the blog from start to finish you will realise that anything is possible.