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If you get a moment in-between reading, why not take a break and relax with the below range of media; produced by myself, and other creative souls who share the same interests!

Tragic Tales of a Lakeland Legend

A short film summarising the tormented life of the Lakeland legend, the Hermit of Skiddaw, George Smith. The film includes photos and location shots with narration by M. D. Entwistle. Produced 2023.

Countrystride Podcast

M. D. Entwistle appears on the Countrystride Podcast #73 talking to Mark Richards about the extraordinary life of Millican Dalton, the 'Caveman of Borrowdale.' Recorded and produced by David Felton. Recorded in Borrowdale, 15 January 2022.

Don't Waste Words

A rendition of Dave Camlin's Don't Waste Words recorded live by Communitas Singers outside Millican Dalton's Cave in Borrowdale, 4 September 2021.

Project: Millican

A historical reconstruction shot on location in Dalton’s Cave in the Borrowdale Valley, Cumbria. The film intends to recapture Millican's philosophy and ethos which are as relevant and inspirational today as they were to those who knew him in the last century. Produced by M. Sharman 2021

Tom McNally - Extreme Lakeland

As part of Project: Millican, author and photographer Tom McNally took a series of period-style photographs at Millican's Cave for use in his book Extreme Lakeland which won the Prize for Guides and Places at The Lakeland Book of the Year Awards 2023. Photos courtesy of Tom McNally


Don't Waste Words

Written during the nightmare that was covid, Wang Chung's Jack Hues said "Millican's life seemed an extreme version of the lockdown experience, and his words felt particularly powerful, not in the sense of behaving recklessly, but in being in the moment and escaping the prison of thoughts and words that afflicted us all in 2020."

Don't Waste Words

Written by Dave Camlin. Filmed live at Millican Dalton's Cave in Borrowdale on 23 November 2019 for the Cave Men Sing project.

The Lakes with Paul Rose

Barnstorming actor, Peter Macqueen, appears in character as Millican Dalton for the BBC2 production The Lakes with Paul Rose. Filmed on location at the 'Cave Hotel' and first Broadcast 22 October 2018.

Peter Macqueen performs in Millican's Cave

Actor Peter Macqueen undertakes his one-off performance of "Professor of Adventure" at Millican Dalton's Cave in association with the National Trust.

Peter Macqueen Interview

In an interview for Manchester Fringe, actor Peter Macqueen talks about the Professor of Adventure, Millican Dalton. Filmed on location at the "Cave Hotel" in Borrowdale, 12 October 2017.

The Millican Dalton Song (cover)

A cover of Dai Jenkins' popular The Millican Dalton Song by Closed Circle. Lead vocals are performed by Alan Whittaker (the Wizardmarra), and additional visuals provided by Tom Kay swinging his fiery balls. Recorded 2017.

The Professor of Adventure

A trailer for Peter Macqueen's solo play about the Borrowdale Hermit, Millican Dalton. A moving, funny and outstanding play that simply has to be seen. The show premiered at Keswick's Theatre by the Lake, running from 19 March to 5 April 2016.

The Cave Excursion

This is an exceptional, high quality promotional film from Millican Ltd; a shortened version of The Foundations which captures scenes around Borrowdale and Millican Dalton's Cave. Released 2018.

Millican and Me

In this playful documentary, Jenny Wild investigates the naturalist and campaigner Millican Dalton, who lived in a cave in the Lakes. Created for a Kendal College Film Diploma. Released 6 February 2018.

A Rafting Microadventure

Alastair Humphreys (, an author, motivational speaker, and a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2012, is the creative force behind Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes. Microadventures are designed to be ‘close to home, cheap, simple, short and 100% guaranteed to refresh your life.’ They allow people to escape the daily grind, explore the outdoors, and find excitement close to home. You don’t need to ski to the South Pole or live in a remote cabin in Patagonia to experience adventure.

In the spirit of his message, Alastair embarked on a memorable summer escapade in 2013. Alongside fellow adventurer Tomo Thompson, he paid homage to the legendary Millican Dalton by spending a night in Dalton’s “Cave Hotel.” The following morning, they crafted their own raft, inspired by Millican’s original creation named “Rogue Herries.” Using empty containers for buoyancy, branches, and a bracken deck, they set sail down the River Derwent. Despite encountering a torrential summer storm, Alastair said “it was wonderful!”

These microadventures remind us that adventure is not limited to far-flung destinations—it’s a state of mind that can be found right in our own backyard. So, whether it’s a night under the stars, a river journey, or any other small-scale adventure, Alastair encourages us all to get out there and embrace the spirit of exploration!


Millican's Green

Written and performed by Rob Clarke. Rob's third album, About A Time, released 2013, includes Millican's Green about the alternative lifestyle of Millican Dalton; it was the subject of a BBC Radio Merseyside Folkscene special in which Rob's song writing motivation and process was explored.

Molly Lefebure talks about Keith Simpson

The remarkable Molly Lefebure (AKA Molly o' the Morgue) reflects on her time working in London with Professor Keith Simpson, the Home Office Pathologist, during the years 1940-45. Recorded at her home in the Newlands Valley, May 2012.

England's Highest Book Launch

On the morning of September 9, 2006, after spending the previous night at Edmondson's farm campsite in Seathwaite, the Mountainmere team set off for the summit venue of Scafell Pike loaded to the hilt with books, food and beverages...not forgetting a display table.

Molly Lefebure Interview

Molly Lefebure talks to BBC Radio Cumbria about her Alfred Wainwright illustrated mountaineering novel, Scratch & Co. The Great Cat Expedition. Recorded at the BBC Studios in Carlisle, 2006.

M. D. Entwistle Interview

M. D. Entwistle talks about Millican Dalton and the release of his book, Millican Dalton: A Search for Romance & Freedom, with Val Armstrong for BBC Radio Cumbria. Recorded at the BBC Studios in Carlisle, 2004.

Overnight in Millican's Cave

Camping overnight in Millican Dalton's cave can be a strange experience for a solo camper. However, the addition of a bottle of whisky and a pile of chicken kebabs makes the night much more comfortable! Recorded for BBC Video Nation in November 2003.

The Millican Dalton Song

Written and performed by Dai Jenkins who once set up home in Millican's 'Cave Hotel,' along with a chest of drawers and a full-sized gas cooker. Eviction by the National Trust soon followed...Bah Humbug! Recorded in Keswick 2002.

Words for Mr Dalton

Copyright A. R. Whittaker aka The Wizardmarra 23.08.2001

* * * * *

There was once a man from a northern town
who packed up his life and set off down
To work with a pen in the city
So he scribbled and scribed
'til he asked himself why?
and what was the point of his life?
The Whys'? And The How's'?
and The What happens now?
The Wherefores? And What ifs? Invaded
They spun in his head
He was numbed
He was dead
Never to reach a conclusion
He discussed it with friends
used a magnifying lens
'till all finer points were debated
The answers came fast from the
first to the last and
every single one was original
from that simple why?
It all multi-plyed
and the answers just left him with questions
But then came a thought
On the wind from the north and
The great final answers just hit him

Don't waste words
Jump to conclusions

Don't talk all night, do the walk of life
Actions speak louder than words
Life is for living for laughter for giving
For running like mad through the grass
For splashing in water as it falls down the fells
For climbing right up to the top
He threw down his pen
Said goodbye to the men
Who continued to scribble and scribe
But nobody worried and
nobody cried and nobody followed the man
who best foot forward
Set on his course and followed his nose to the north
To live out his days in a Cumbrian cave
Showing the folk who caught on to the joke
How to scramble to splash to scree run and dash to
Sail on the sunlight and water
To clamber on rock
and climb right to the top
That to waste all those words is really absurd

Take a leap of faith